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Pidgin: Portable Gaim update for Beta 3?

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Pidgin: Portable Gaim update for Beta 3?

Any word on when there will be a Gaim 2.0 Beta 3 update released or are you going to wait for the full final version?

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No releases for a while is keeping releases to a minimal until the server running the website can cope with the traffic that it would create.

You can just copy the beta 3 files over the beta 2 ones. I mentioned beta 3 over here already.

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Could you please describe the process of upgrading? I'm just wondering which package to get and where exactly to place the contents.

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Me too

I could also use a tutorial on how to get beta 3 to work. I have beta 2 working but it seems to crash on loading if it takes too long (aka if I try to launch two apps at once from my thumb drive). I know how to make beta 3 work with the portable excutable provided by but it creates way too many writes to my flash drive and takes forever to use. Any help would be greatly appreciated. So far I'm sticking with 1.5.


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