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Pidgin: pp255: control of contact text color/sound

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Pidgin: pp255: control of contact text color/sound

ok, on my system, when I use IM, the contact is in bright red and very distinctive.

When I am in a conference with as many as 250 other contacts everthing just becomes a blur. I need to single out a couple contacts and assign "distinctive" color to their date/name so I can very easily spot them. I have to watch other displays on my system and often miss them. *I have two 28" monitors and you can imagine .. I look approx 3' away from Pidgin at times* ...... also I have a "ding" tone turned on when anyone sends a message through. I'd like to be able to assign a unique tone for the contacts.

Short version: Can I have a plug-in that will allow custom highlighting a contacts name and make a distinctive sound when they send a message. Would be real nice to be able to have a table of, oh, say maybe 10 or so that could be defined. (I guess my short version wasn't so short after all.)

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This is an issue for Pidgin

This is an issue for Pidgin itself, not PP, perhaps you'll get better results asking at

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