ClamWin Portable 0.88.4 Released

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Submitted by John T. Haller on August 10, 2006 - 11:37am

ClamWin logoPortable ClamWin is now ClamWin Portable, and version 0.88.4 has been released. For the unfamiliar, ClamWin Portable is the handy ClamWin Free Antivirus packaged with a Launcher as a portable app, so you can take your antivirus with you. This new release adds in several new features, including: the ability to run from a CD, in-place upgrades, automatic fixes for some common issues and more. It's also 30% smaller when installed. Read on for all the details...

Portable ClamWin becomes ClamWin Portable

The first thing you'll notice is that the name has been changed from Portable ClamWin to ClamWin Portable. Why the name change? The new names are designed to put the base application names first. All of the apps here at are being renamed in this fashion over the next week. This makes it easier to sort and use your apps, too.

What's New?

So, what's new? Quite a few things:

Live/CD Support - ClamWin Portable supports running from a CD or other read-only media right out of the box, making it easy to carry with you and use to disinfect other systems. Just be sure to run it once locally and download the latest definitions before burning it to CD. Full details are in the support topic on Running from a CD.

In-Place Upgrades - ClamWin Portable now supports the ability to do what we're calling an "in-place upgrade". This means that you can extract it right over an existing installation of ClamWin Portable without losing any of your logs and it'll Just Work. This will apply to future releases of ClamWin Portable as you'll still need to manually update due to the directory changes.

30% Smaller Install - The install size of ClamWin Portable without definitions has been decreased from 10.8MB to 7.7MB thanks to some new compression techniques.

Auto COMSPEC Fix - A common issue with ClamWin causes it to fail to run on a system that doesn't have a COMSPEC environment variable set. Since you may be using ClamWin Portable on systems that you don't own and configure, the ClamWin Portable Launcher will automatically check for this and automatically fix it for ClamWin before launching, making it compatible with these systems.

Grab a Copy

The new release of ClamWin Portable is available for immediate download from the ClamWin Portable homepage.

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Thanx for the new release!

Great work Smile

thanks again john download was flawless as usual well done

if you don't know-ee you should ASCII


First I would like very much to thank Mr. Haller for the time and effort he puts into these apps.

I downloaded the new ClamWin Portable 0.88.4 and tried it out by scanning a relatively small directory. Here is the activity report from the program.


Scan started: Thu Aug 10 23:49:10 2006

-- summary --

Known viruses: 65118

Engine version: 0.88.4

Scanned directories: 28

Scanned files: 39

Infected files: 0

Data scanned: 17.74 MB

Time: 1346.047 sec (22 m 26 s)




As you can see, it took a long time. At these speeds it would take over a day to scan a whole drive. My computer has a pentium 4 2.80 Ghz CPU and it was not running anything else in the background at the time.

I have tried older versions of this program and they all ran faster than this. I just thought I would mention it.

"My dear Mr Gyrth, I am never more serious than when I am joking."
~Albert Campion

After posting I went back and tried the last version of ClamWin portable. I ran the program from the same location, with the same definitions file, and I scanned the same directory, This version of the program took 11 seconds. I do not mean to complain by any means, but I think there is something wrong with this new version.

"My dear Mr Gyrth, I am never more serious than when I am joking."
~Albert Campion

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Post in the forums instead.
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Hi John,

i have burn the new clamwin version on a cd with newest updates. (\files\Data\db...).
i start the clamwin from cd but clamwin recognize the update.

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Sometimes, the impossible can become possible, if you're awesome!

This is my favourite Antivirus. :lol:

I never had tried the other previous versions, I will try this. Thanks! 8)
Greetings from Spain.