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situation on PAM mods

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situation on PAM mods

Hi all

Im afraid I havent been following the forums for quite a while now (reduced net access) and am a bit confunded on the situation on mods with the new version recently out, I installed, ages ago, a mod, think it was r15 or something, and now wondering if I install the new PAM version will it break mods or overwrite folder settings I had? my base PAM install is 1.0

thanks if someone could dlear up my misunderstanding. Smile

Zach Thibeau
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chances are it would affect

chances are it would affect the mod settings since the new platform installer removes the old menu with the new one in a new location. so if you are going to update I suggest to backup, also as a reminder the use of mods aren't really supported so what ever happens we can't really help out too much

your friendly neighbourhood moderator Zach Thibeau

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You should always backup

You should always backup BEFORE you update. In case something goes wrong and it deletes all your themes (yes I know we talked about it, no I don't wanna another convo in the forums this time) you have them backed up to some place safe Biggrin

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It's R34

Here's what you do... and this is pretty cool.

Exit your menu, make sure it's not sitting in your system tray (you don't want it running).

Now go into your flash drive via My Computer, into the PortableApps folder. Find the PortableAppsMenu folder, or whatever it's called. Rename it, append R34MOD to the end, or whatever you like.

Download (if you haven't already) and install the latest version of the platform (look in the forum, beta testing, it's a sticky).

The R34 MOD menu will show up in your official menu as a portable application. Your flash drive will use the official one by default, but the mod is a click away. Just close the official one when you launch the mod so you don't get confused by the 2 icons.

If you really want to be clever, launch the MOD and have it add a custom app, however that's done (I forget) and point it at the official menu. Now they'll point to each other so you can jump back and forth.

I did this once and the novelty wore off after a couple days. Now I just stick with the official menu. It's missing some nice features, but it's been updated more recently and it looks really nice. I still have the MOD at home (I use portable apps on my home computer as well) and when I call up the menu, it's like night and day. Been meaning to update that one too...

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