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Changing The Icon of StartPotableApps.exe

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Changing The Icon of StartPotableApps.exe

I have tried change the icon of Startportableapps.exe to a personal icon, made by me, but when i change the starter dont run, no error messages, my icon have the same parameters (256x256 rgb/a, 48x48 rgb/a, 32x32 rgb/a, 16x16 rgb/a and 32x32 256, 16x16 256)and i rename the icon to Startportableapps.
I am using Iconworkshop, and too tried Executable File Icons Changer.The icon change, but dont run. Why?

Zach Thibeau
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it's because the

it's because the startportableapps.exe file is made with nsis with a crc check option built in so when you modify the icon the way you do that you alert the crc check and it will refuse to run. you best bet is to compile your own launcher for the menu.

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You just need to place an ICO file on your drive and edit autorun.inf to point to it if you want to change the associated icon in Explorer.

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