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Local Add-ons

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Local Add-ons

I just recently started to use Firefox Portable and I'm not sure if this is normal behavior or not (or if there is a way to change the behavior). Depending on the computer I am on, different add-ons will show up. For example, the computer I am on now has AVG anti-virus on it, and so I get a lovely new toolbar on my browser. This computer does not have a local copy of Firefox. Is there a way to use only add-ons that are stored on my flash drive?


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Yeah, this is normal. But I

Yeah, this is normal.

But I don't know how to stop it... actually, I asked the same question about plugins (same thing happens with them too) once (wait.. did I?)

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No: Firefox issue

This is an issue in Firefox itself; there's nothing we can do about it as far as I know, short of doing some things which could cause trouble for other apps.

The AVG issue is one which has caught me a couple of times as well, and it seems to be that AVG itself registers the extension when it notices Firefox starting, or something like that. What I did to "fix" it was just to hide the toolbar, then it at least never came back, even if the plugin would come and go.

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But... Althought it's an


Althought it's an issue, it's still normal Blum (LOL!!!).

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Try locking the \extensions\

Try locking the \extensions\ folder in your Profile.

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By 'lock' you mean make it

By 'lock' you mean make it read only? I tried this and as soon as I opened Firefox on a different OS & PC I get a new extension is installed popup.
Is there a way of just ignoring this popup so it doesn't even happen. It would seem AVG causes an extension to install as does .NET - I just want to open Firefox with no extra popup window to display.

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new problems

hope they will be solved in next versions of mozilla products!

chekc here for AVG:

AVG and ms dicovered how to install extensions while bypassing all seeting of the browser itself.
Check also here the avg string in the about:config file of the browser, belive it can be found there and reseted, have no avg here, so can not try.

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