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Is there a way to create file to group apps?

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Is there a way to create file to group apps?

Hi all,

I am wondering, is there a way to create folders in the portable apps menu, to group apps together? I have some apps I would like to group, to clear up some space on the menu, like a mozilla folder, and other things. Is this possible?

Thank you in advance,


John T. Haller
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It's coming in the next release. The first test version (Alpha 1) is being released this week but it won't be enabled (Alpha 2 will have it).

It's called categories and it follows the categories of the app directory here on the site (Internet, Office, Music & Video, Development, etc). All our apps are categorized by default. But, of course, you'll be able to override, create your own, etc.

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sweet, can't wait to see it

sweet, can't wait to see it Biggrin

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Hoping it will be as great as the apps themselves.

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What version (release) can work with categories - override, create your own, etc. ???? I really need only this feature!!!!

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Till then take "Categorizer"

old but good enough. Read the whole post, there´s a link by OliverK to an uncompressed version, but you can also use the PortableApp compactor released here..

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This feature will be released

This feature will be released a week from "whenever it gets done." Not sure if that will be this year or not. There is a hacked menu that has been out for a long time that is out there but it is NOT "official" or supported here and make the powers that be cranky when it is mentioned. It has been working fine for me un-supported for months.


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