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I am trying to use PortableFirefox from a CD but my homepage will not stay. I want it to be a file that is also on the cd. How can I make the homepage stay what I want?

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You need to use the LocalHomepage option in the INI file. Set it to the path relative from FirefoxPortable.exe to your homepage you want to use. It's explained in the readme.txt within the Other\FirefoxPortableSource folder.

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Ok, I'm getting closer. Now

Ok, I'm getting closer. Now can I have it point to a file that's not contained within the same folder as Portable Firefox. I want to have folder for PF and then in a seperate folder have my files. So my directory structure should look like this.

Drive root
Folder for Portable Firefox
my folder (I want to use an index.html file in this folder as the homepage)

I know its something simple but I can't get it work. Smile

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Make sure you're not using "\myfolder\index.html". That won't work since "\myfolder\" means "myfolder in the root of the current drive". "myfolder\" means "myfolder in the current directory".

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