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Zip files, differential backup

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John JD Doe
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Zip files, differential backup

I've recently started using toucan and I like it's simplicity and speed, however there are a few things I would greatly appreciate to be improved/implemented.
When you create a backup job and put its compression level to none, a zip file is still created, the file contents are just not compressed. In the format section, I would like a None option along with Zip and 7-Zip, since it takes a while for my computer to open large zip files even if the contents isn't compressed.
Also, when you apply a password to a backup, the password is applied on individual files. This means that people can still view file names and folder structures without knowing the password. I think it would be better to apply the password to the single containing folder of the zip file so it cannot be viewed without a password (it also means that viewing files is much easier since you don't have to supply a password every time you want to open a single file).
My last request is to allow multiple directories for differential backup. I suppose its just a feature difficult to implement or it would already have been done. Right now I just create different backup jobs for each folder.
Keep up the good work and I hope you consider some of these ideas for future releases!

Steve Lamerton
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for taking so long to reply to this, I missed it on the tracker.

  1. So can you not use sync in this case? I am not quite sure what you want here, sorry.
  2. Hopefully it shouldn't do this when you use 7zip, this is a limitation of the zip format I believe.
  3. This used to be allowed but it didn't work properly, I am trying to get it fixed however.
  4. Thanks for your feedback Smile

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