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Folders in Portableapp launcher

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Folders in Portableapp launcher

I'll like to suggest adding folders in the Portableapps launcher, like putting openoffice stuff in one folder and some other stuffs in another folder and also let us customize the folder icon.

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Great idea mate! Right behind

Great idea mate!

Right behind you on that

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Planned for a future release

But it's not hard to add custom folder shortcuts into the menu with the other apps:


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Can you give us an idea

Can you give us an idea of what release this is planned for, and when we can expect to see it?


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Clarification on the original request

I don't think this is what the original poster meant. That linked post tells you how to create shortcuts to folders. I think what the original poster wants to do is be able to organize existing application shortcuts into folders much like you can find here on the left hand side of the PortableApps website i.e. Accessiblity, Development, Education, Games etc.

This is how I do it in PStart and one of the reasons that I've resisted switching over to the PortableApps platform. Unfortunately, while the platform is great for novices and casual users, I prefer a little more fine-grained control over where my apps are located and how shortcuts to them are organized. It's all fine and dandy when you only have half a dozen apps to keep them flat but when you have at least 3 dozen apps then you really need some way of organizing them (as Perica commented)

I would welcome the ability to organize shortcuts into custom folders (just like the Windows Start menu as somebody else put it).

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+1 from me

This should be only in the launcher to be able to organize stuff, no modifications on folder structure plz.

So it should be really simple, you select few shortcuts in launcher, right click and say "Group in a folder..." and that would create collapsible folder with selected items in it so you can click open and click collapse it.

I have 35+ apps in launcher so bit of organization would really help... And yes I know about folder shortcuts in the launcher Blum



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Did I get it?

You mean to make it like the Programs folder in the Windows XP Start Menu?

If it is like this, I think it is a good idea, and would like to suggest (if not done yet) some kind of shortcut key setting (like Ctrl+anything or the own WinKey - dunno if it works in linux :S) This is one thing I would be using very much! Biggrin


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