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Security, security, security

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Security, security, security

Hi all,

I've been extremely happy with PortApps. A couple days ago I bought a 4 GB SanDisk as a backup and that was my (accidental) introduction to U3! I'm running both PortApps and U3 on the drive now.

I like the U3 autorun feature. But my main interest with flash drives is Security. From what I've read, U3's password protection is not really protection at all. I need a drive that I don't lose sleep over in case it gets lost or stolen. The apps are replaceable, but the data isn't.

So my questions are: Is one system (PortApps or U3) inherently better than the other in terms of data security? Is it sufficient to use strong encryption of the data folder in either case? And is there a recommended security app for data encryption?

Thanks is advance.

Patrick Patience
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I don't think either is really better a security, besides U3's "Password" function, there's really no security on either, anyone's free to roam your files. Blum

HOWEVER, for file Encryption, check out "Toucan" from the apps page, it should suit you just perfectly.

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If security is your hot

If security is your hot button, then something using TrueCrypt is your best bet. TrueCrypt creates an encrypted file or a mounted volume of space that is password-encrypted by your choice of algorithm and password. The SmithTech version of PAM advertises integrated TrueCrypt. I have not tried it, as security is not my thing (no critical data on my USB drive.) Search for SmithTech's version in the beta forum here.

RMB Fixed
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What security ?

Portable Apps doesn't have ANY security,
(okay, you can encrypt files with Toucan ..)
U3 has it built-in to the hardware so sadly U3 IS "more secure"
than Portable Apps atm .. I'm not saying that U3 is "secure"
but since PA doesn't have any security at all ....

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not secure

if you plug a U3 USB with the password turn on, into a pc running linux,
you will find linux will just bypass the U3 security and go the files one the USB
so no need to put the password in. so sadly U3 is NOT secure.

Tim Clark
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Verification required

Could you verify this please.
This is NOT in keeping with the experience of others.
Most *nix users complain that they can't access the non-CD partition while password protection of the drive is in effect and since they have no means to enter the password this is one of the reasons they don't like it.

This is an old post by the way. Did you have reason to believe you were adding to the discussion?


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Hi Tim

Just be testing them out.
I have got 2 U3 USBs 4g and 2g
the 4g U3 USB does not have a password on it as I am using Linux most of the time.
just try it with password on and this one does not work with Linux with password.

the 2g U3 USB does have a password on it and it opens the files in the storage area in Linux for some reason. But just found out when in windows I get a error and it won't let me put the password in so I can't get into the file from window.
hmmm maybe that has got something to do with it!! I had not use the 2g USB on windows for a long time until now, Well not since I got the 4g usb about 9 months ago. as I only use it (2g usb) now to keep my design work on.

I need to look into this and try to find out why this has happen and see if I can fix it.

""Did you have reason to believe you were adding to the discussion?""

Well yes as I was thinking at the time why put a password on when you could just put it into a Linux Machine to get to the file. which I have been doing for some time before I found the error when I tried using it on Windows.

sorry about the about post

using WindowXP(10%) & PCLinuxOS(90%)


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You can combined TrueCrypt and PA with, which improve security!

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Not as good as isn't as good as the suite (IMHO)

Use FreeOTFE, that would sort the problem out.

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FreeOTFE non 64bit

FreeOTFE doesn't support 64bit systems, but does allow you to acess your files if you don't have admin acess. Truecrypt needs admin acess.

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TrueCrypt is you best bet

I would recomend that you look at truecrypt

Checkout this article by MaxPc

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