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Trouble with https

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Trouble with https

I installed FF 3.5 on my thumbdrive. It works good, except:

Whenever I visit an address with https I get an error:
"Connection was reset".

I've seen this happen on both yahoo mail login and my local bank login.

I took the thumbdrive to work, entered in the proxy information for the work network, no problems.

I took it back home, removed the proxy information, same problem. Regular http sites work fine, but https does not work.

If the DSL at home is using a proxy for https only, how do I find out that proxy address? I poked around the home PC installation, did not see any proxy listed (but maybe I was looking in the wrong place - this is vista.)

Considering trying the older version of FF to see if problem goes away.

Thank you for any suggestions or hints.

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often the other way

round, the proxy is used for everything but any encrypted traffic, since there it makes no sense in fact as session keys are used once only and some kind of caching such traffic is absolutely pointless and breaks the proper encrypted communication.

Some proxies do conduct however all traffic and then encrypted things often time out.
I know lot of providers which have a proxy in such bad shape that it does not let pass all that back and forth traffic of encrypted connection in right time.

At work we had one of our communication gateways with the local cable TV company. There it was not possible to make most of bank traffic, ordering air ticket, buying things in webshops etc. All just due to their improper use of proxy. OK this was company, so we gave them a kick and took the next one provider who does understand what he is doing.

So your proxy at work is set correctly, bypassing relevant parts of encrypted traffic, the proxy at your provider at home has wrong set up.

Otto Sykora
Basel, Switzerland

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