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[Feature Request] - a note field for each app

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[Feature Request] - a note field for each app

accessed via Right-click on the app's entry in the menu.

Allows user to keep any notes they like, e.g if it's a beta version - any test results; in the future for non-PA apps - from where they were obtained; even just a reminder of what the apps does, some names aren't obvious and some memories aren't what they used to be!

A nice touch would be to display, say the first line or until some indicator, the text on the end of the information that is displayed when the mouse hovers over the menu entry.

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Sure, I like the idea. Maybe

Sure, I like the idea. Maybe even make it manually addable to begin with . . .

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Only 4

Only 4 of us interested in this in 2 weeks Sad (where's the sad face 'smiley' gone?)

I wish John would let us know if there's a chance it might get added.

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oh, all right yes, this is

oh, all right Smile
yes, this is a nice idea.

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Anoter vote for

Idea sounds good to me. Would be great for annotating on friends drives you set up. eg - Firefox (Note: Internet Browser), GIMP (Note: Image Editor). Advocate

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I dig

I like the idea. Not as much as I like other ideas (e.g. cate- *gets shot*) but it is promising. Maybe the AppNamePortable.ini should be in the app's root folder by default in the next format/installer version to make way for this (and cate- *gets shot twice more*). Then just have a field in the ini saying Note= and then the next beta of the platform could look for that and use it as a tooltip.

No, seriously, and enough with the *gets shot* bits... the INI could have a section like, say for FirefoxPortable...

Note=Extensible web browser.

Just some simple things like that, and when the Platform loads, rather than look for .exe files, it could look for .ini files, which would point to the launcher (or the program, in the case of non-PAF apps) and tell the menu how to display it.

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Great idea but in the meantime..

I change the details by right clicking app name in the menu. Is there a text length to this? Usually I just abbreviate the name for myself but put a descriptive name in for anyone I set it up for (usually very tech-unsavy.)

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Logical and Reasonable Suggestion

Don't see any reasons to not include this other that it means potentially more data to store which could slow down the app a little (or increase its memory usage), but it's only text so wouldn't be that drastic I don't think.

Gets my vote. +1

As I find myself repeatedly saying (and I do feel like a bit of a whiny, snot-nosed kid for bringing it up), just one of the many reasons I use PStart over the PortableApps menu. Sorry, but it's the truth.

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