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AnySQL Maestro 0.5 Release 3

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AnySQL Maestro 0.5 Release 3

Application: AnySQL Maestro
Category: Utilities
Description: AnySQL Maestro Portable is a database management tool for any database engine. You'll get a powerful set of tools to edit and execute SQL scripts, build visual diagrams for numeric data,
compose OLAP cubes, and much more...

[Link to unauthorized repacking of this Non-OSS software removed by mod Tim in consult with Devs Gizmokid2005 and OliverK]
If you feel this is in error please respond with where it shows you are allowed to repackage this software.

Release Notes:

Development Test 3 (2009-10-09):

  • Added Test Release splash screen.

Development Test 2 (2009-10-09):

  • Now restores the registry if an installed version existed.

Development Test 1 (2009-10-09): Initial release

Tim Clark
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Your Link has been removed

It is the view of some of the members that this is an unauthorized repackaging of this software. As you have not indicated the license of this software could you please indicate where the license information is that allows you to repackage and redistribute it. After you post that please wait for a reply before reposting your links.

Thanks for understanding,
and oddly enough, welcome to the forums

Moderator Tim

Things have got to get better, they can't get worse, or can they?

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You're right

It's not allowed, didn't think of that. Too bad since it works so nicely.

I guess I can distribute all but the program, so people can put it into the correct folder themselves. But is it interesting for this site then?

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PAF Live

Hey Ciscoheat. I don't use this software myself but wanted to point out that in addition to creating a launcher (this is basically what you described above) you could create a PAF Live installer. PAF Live installers create the structure for the portable app the same as a launcher but then downloads the binary files from the applications site (usually in ZIP format) and extracts them to the correct folder. Examples are Java Portable, PicPick Portable and Glary Utilities Portable.

Though not particularly widespread on the site yet, this solution was developed and implemented by John Haller ( owner) so you can be sure that it is kosher. Good luck Smile Advocate

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