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lock preferences firefox portable

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lock preferences firefox portable


im trying to lock the homepage on my firefox portable to stop anyone changing it

i followed this tutorial

but it wont work i keep getting error cannot open config file

John T. Haller
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Don't Think That Works

I don't think that hack works with the current version of Firefox. It's designed for Firefox 1.0, I believe.

Sometimes, the impossible can become possible, if you're awesome!

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well is there any other way

well is there any other way

are u sure coz on

they seem to be do it with 3.0

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it only works for normal firefox

I tried the same tutorial and some others, but at the end they are all the same.

It works fine for normal firefox, also in version 3.5.3. You can lock nearly any setting. For firefox portable, when i use exactly the same files and settings, nothing happens.

I copied my mozilla.cfg file in every single folder of the portable tree and profile just to see, if some other location is used... without fortune.

Does anybody know, how this can be fixed?
Is there a hardcoded path, where this config file should be located?
Any help would be great!!

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I'm guessing it will be the commonfiles bit

in they mention having to place a file in the C:\Program Files\Common Files\\GRE\ folder.

Not sure what could be done about it for the Portable version.

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Any suggestion?

Hi there,

Wondering if it's already possible to lock the preferences? I'm to prevent users from installing new add-ons.

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