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DVD player software

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DVD player software

Is it possible to have a portable DVD player that will run completely off USB flash drive? If so, anyone know of a solution thats already out there or being worked on?

Moving PowerDVD over to the drive didn't work out. Sad

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Grab VLC. Works like a charm.

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Media Player Classic

Media Player Classic works quite well playing DVDs.

Has all the DVD codecs built in, as well as support for a majority of audio formats, all in one neat package.

Get it @

Daemonfly (not verified)
Took a look at VLC, but it's

Took a look at VLC, but it's FAQ states that it saves it's config file to the C:\ drive. Don't want anything saved to the computer's hard drive, wether it be config files, temp files, or registry entries.

I'll check out MPC when I get home from work.

T1ny (not verified)
Using VLC here, on their web

Using VLC here, on their web site it states to make it portable add

--no-plugins-cache and --config="vlcrc" to the command line.

Will check it out to make sure when I get home.

Daemonfly (not verified)

Thanks, that string worked fine. Odd that they said otherwise in the FAQ.

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