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Changing default folder locations in Launcher?

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Changing default folder locations in Launcher?

I was just wondering if there was a way to change the location of the Music, Pictures, and Videos folders linked from the PortableApps Launcher (say, from X:\Documents\Music to X:\Music). I just don't like the way those folders are setup on my device, since its main purpose is to be a media drive to connect to Xbox. Are there any hidden scripts I should know about that can change those settings?

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There is currently no way to change the folder location. They are hard-coded into the menu.

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Hard-coded to soft-coded?

Perhaps a future version would let you right-click the folder name (e.g. Music) and opt to rename it (e.g. to Tunes; or Videos to Movies) or change location. Changing location would ask the user if they want to move the existing folder, or no.

The folder locations are fine for me, and I occasionally use my flash drive in my Xbox 360. I have a Philips DVD player with a USB port though, and that works better, though sometimes it's gotta be power cycled before it'll recognize a USB drive is plugged in.

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I believe that its in the

I believe that its in the planned in the future. Not real sure though.

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