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App List

Ok, so i have some good programs that alot of people us everyday and when they go out of tower it kills them becuase they do not have the time to download the these programs. And i got alot of people looking for these apps to add to there PortableApps list.

* mIRC
mIRC, witch is a online Chat room program
- Website witch we us to Get Scrims and Support for Leagues and people us to get there compant Name out there, but most people i know us Gamers IRC witch is the Same thing but Moded out for Gamers. and there added features that the regiler mIRC does not have.
Gamers IRC

* RapTR
RapTR is a chat cilent buolt and moded out For Gamers it allows you to add your eveyday IM Networks like Yahoo, MSN, AIM, GMail, ICQ, Xfire, Xbox Live, and some of your scoial Networks atm the moment they only have FaceBook but they are in the process of adding others. think nice about RapTR is it allows you to track you Steam Page, InGame Status and Much more.

* Themes
I think there should be more themes for the Luncher it would be somthing that just makes the program that much better.

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Any particular reason you

Any particular reason you can't use KVIrc (for IRC) and Pidgin (for all the rest and irc too)?

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