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Midi the Squirrel Portable [GAME]

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Midi Waffle
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Midi the Squirrel Portable [GAME]

NAME: Midi the Squirrel Demo
TYPE: Video game
SIZE: 5.7 MB
PLATFORM: Windows only
REQUIREMENTS: Direct X (not sure which version, but not one of the super recent ones, I know that)

OK, so here's the demo for my video game. I know the folders aren't in PA format, but it's just a demo, so I didn't think it was necessary. Which brings up a question, if the program is totally self-contained, is an app folder required still, or is that only for programs that need those? Because all the files (except for save data) are in the executable themselves.

Anyway, about the game. Screen resolution is 480x320, frame rate is 30 FPS, and game pad support is currently not included, unless someone has a pad mapper.

X = Attack
Z = Jump (works on ground or surface of water)
ARROWS = Move and aim (double tap LEFT and RIGHT to run faster)
F4 = Toggle full screen

All feedback is welcomed and encouraged, as I really need a lot. Any glitches or anything like that you find, please tell me so I can work them out. Also, any other tweaks you think need making, I'd like to hear those too.

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App needed, no full screen

The App directory must be there; you don't need App\MidiSquirrel or whatever though, just App\AppInfo.

Full-screen should be disabled by default for a portable version (we've decided for other releases that full-screen things just don't feel... portable).

Also Beta Testing is only for applications in the Format with a Installer. Please stuff it into the Format and give it a Installer and re-release it Smile

(No, I haven't tested it yet... what is the game though? A description of what it actually is would be good)

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