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Problems backing up Vista

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Problems backing up Vista

I have just installed Toucan for the first time and I am having a few problems.

Every time I try to backup Vista c: I get the following errors even when Toucan is run as administrator
Cannot enumerate files in directory 'c:\Documents and Settings\' (error 5: access is denied)
Cannot enumerate files in directory 'c:\Users\' (error 5: access is denied)

I have also tried to run it as a command line job with no luck, it throws a new cmd window which disappears very quickly with no message in the initial cmd window.

I noticed that it does not install an icon on the desktop or in the start menu, is this correct? I have to go to the directory to find Toucan.

Am I doing something wrong?

Roger R.

Steve Lamerton
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errors should only be popping up when Toucan is scanning the directories to create the progress bar, the job should still carry on normally, is this the case? They will be suppressed in the next version.

When running on the command line did you try running the app in App\toucan ? This is the recommended exe to run for command line usage.

As it is a portable app it does not install start menu shortcuts or put icons on the desktop, you are quite welcome to create your own though.

Hope that helps Smile

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Got this last night

I got the same error last night and it was fatal. No backup was created. I also tried running from the command line using App\toucan\toucan.exe with the same result.

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