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MD5 Hash for Thunderbird Portable + Enigmail/GPG

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MD5 Hash for Thunderbird Portable + Enigmail/GPG

OK...the MD5 Hash for + Enigmail/GPG on the download page for does *not* match the MD5 hash I get when I crunch it. The hash, as it appears on the page is:


...and the hash, as I calculate it, is:


I did a search on this and found nothing. And yes, I'm one of the "geek squad" who checks things like this, but it's only because I'm paranoid. Wink

Can anybody confirm, and if the maintainer happens to read this (hi, John!) can you please verify the correct MD5 sum?

I've just newly found this site after purchasing a U3 flash drive (didn't mean to), and I absolutely love the model over the U3 model. Keep up the great work!

John T. Haller
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You're quite right bluepanda. Someone else had mentioned that to me and I forgot to change it. I've changed it to the right MD5 sum and verified the standard and 2.0 test hashes as well.

BTW - The "for the geeks" line is, of course, meant with 'much respect' Smile

Sometimes, the impossible can become possible, if you're awesome!

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Wait a minute! You replied

Wait a minute!

You replied back to me within an hour of my initial post! What the heck kind of tech support is that???

Don't you know how it's supposed to work? I'm supposed to get an autoresponder telling me that I'll hear back from somebody within 72 hours, which means that if I'm lucky, I hear back from some guy named "Bob" in 96 hours or so.

Bob tells me that he can't answer my question, so he's going to have to refer it to the tech services group, and I should hear back from somebody there within 24-48 hours, but it quietly gets buried so that I never hear anything from anybody.

After my 3rd or 4th time contacting them, when I'm finally swearing and screaming, somebody tells me that the issue should be fixed in the next release, sometime by 2009 if I'm lucky.

And that's for something I have the tech support *subscription* for!!!

But seriously, thanks for the prompt response. I truly appreciate it and the hard work you put in on this project.

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