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Thunderbird Portable 3 RC 2 - New Launcher Test

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John T. Haller
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Thunderbird Portable 3 RC 2 - New Launcher Test

I've got a new test launcher for Thunderbird Portable 3 RC 2 posted. This is to fix the issue where Thunderbird 3 keeps asking to be default on Windows 7.

You can download the ThunderbirdPortable.exe launcher and replace the one in your ThunderbirdPortableTest directory to try it out. The source is here.

Please try it out and ensure it's working as expected on Windows 7 and other OSes. And ensure it works with 2.0 upgraded profiles as well.


Bruce Pascoe
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Seems to be working in my tests. No more prompt on startup, and everything else works as it should. Of course, I can't test it on anything other than Windows 7 right now since all the computers in my house (including netbooks) are running Win7 Ultimate.

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The launcher works solid here

The launcher works solid here as well. I get two migration assistants still, but I think that's a TB bug still. And no calendar support of course, so I can't use this all the time.

But this launcher works fine John.


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Seems fine here

on XP and Vista (the Win7 PC has been rebuilt back to XP though, so can't test there).

Also, for calendaring, the Lightning nightly builds work fine with RC, you can get them at

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