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Thunderbird 3.0 "Add Security Exception" window still opens!

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Thunderbird 3.0 "Add Security Exception" window still opens!

I have 2 partitions in my system, C: which is restored after every reboot (using Deep Freeze) and D: which holds all my portable applications.

I've clean-installed Portable Thunderbird 3.0 in D: and the first time I created an account, a "Add Security Exception" window appeared for IMAP server, so I clicked "Confirm security exception" and ticked "Permanently store this exception".

The thing is that every time I reboot, the first time I launch Thunderbird, this window still appears!

Is this info not stored in the Thunderbird directory?

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Thunderbird 3.0 "Add Security Exception" window still opens!

I have the same issue. At my workplace, our email server is However, the actual servers are and, and the SSL certificates give those names. When I access the mail server with IMAPS, Thunderbird accesses but is presented with a certificate for whichever server is actually being used. Thunderbird gives a security warning every time, regardless of whether I check "permanently store exception". And it doesn't just happen once per boot; it happens multiple times per session, at seemingly random intervals. I used to use the "Remember Mismatched Domains" extension for Thunderbird, but it doesn't work with 3.0.

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