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does portiable firefox bypass any internet blockers

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does portiable firefox bypass any internet blockers

i am downloading the fire fox and i was just wondering will it bypass any internet blockers, such as astro blocker, this is the one that is on my schools computers

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Not on its own

It's just Firefox configured to work on flash drives, and preserve your settings from machine to machine. Nothing on is intended to be used to break rules at school/work; in fact, intentions run quite the opposite way. That being said, anything that works with the normal Firefox (e.g. proxy extensions) will work with the portable one. So with help, yes it can -- but not on its own.

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nope. If the admin was dum

nope. If the admin was dumb enough to only set restrictions within IE, it could. But a networked based system you won't get past, unless you're friendly with the concept of ssh.

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