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Portable ScummVM

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Portable ScummVM

It would be nice if there were a PScummVM.

Currently ScummVM saves the configs and the Filelocations into the registry (or somewhere) in Windows.
Does anybody knows where to get PScummVM or will it be planned for ?

ScummVM let you play some nice classic DOS Adventures on Windows.
Currently ScummVM 0.9 is in testing, maybe release a portable Version of 0.82 or wait till 0.9 is out....
but i prefere the 0.82 and the 0.9 later Biggrin

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I loved Lucas Arts' classic adventure games Wink . I still break out the Monkey Island series and Day of the Tentacle now and then.

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My copy of Day of the Tentacle doesn't work Sad
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Tried something

i did some dirty code work in my lunch break yesterday. It basically opens the scummvm ini file, corrects the drive letters and then executes the scummvm exe with the "-c" paramter. Because I'm not so familiar with the forum rules i would appreciate some advice in bringing in my work in this forum :

1: Is there any interest in it ???
2: What form : only source (c-code) or also the executable?
3: If there is interest, some hints where the files can be hosted ?

Thanks in advance

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