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Canabalt portable - Installer integrity failed?

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Canabalt portable - Installer integrity failed?


Im quite new to portable apps and I am having a little problem with one app... Its Canabalt... I downloaded and tried to install it several times but getting the same result when I try to install it... I get the following error message:

"Installer integrity has failed. Common causes include incomplete download and damaged media. Contact the installers author to obtain a new copy."

Its a shame really because I love Canabalt! I have it for my iPhone and I would love to have a portable version for my portable apps Usb drive... I searched on the forums but couldnt find anything, if this issue has been posted before, I apologize!

Cheers to everyone and you guys are doing a kick-ass job with these portable apps!


PS. Happy holidays to everyone! Smile

John T. Haller
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Bad Connection or Drive

Either you have a bad connection that isn't downloading the whole thing or where you are saving it to has errors on it and is corrupting it as you download it. Another possibility is if your PC has a virus that infects it when you download it.

We host the file ourselves and it is a fine copy. I just downloaded it and installed it without incident, so it's something on your end.

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Hi john! I actually ran the

Hi john!

I actually ran the anti-virus (both from pc and ClamWin from portable apps) and no virus to be found. Anyways, I turned to Firefox (I was using Chrome) and Firefox downloaded it, which I installed everything just fine. So maybe it was a Chrome issue? I dont really know.

Thanks for answering, btw... Now I got everything up and running and I love me some portable apps! Smile Its great cause I got a 16Gb usb key from my girls dad and now its being put to good use...

Cheers from sweden,

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