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Open Office Portable 3.1 Internal Error on BartPE

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Open Office Portable 3.1 Internal Error on BartPE

I have created a BartPE disc and installed OpenOffice Portable 3.1 on the disc. I tried using plugins but wasn't able to get those to work. So I just want to install it on the disc in a folder to just run as a separate program. Other programs I've installed in the same way on the disc work properly.

I installed OOP 3.1 on my hard drive and configured the OpenOffice.ini as follows:


When I open the application on my hard drive, it works perfectly. I then include it on my BartPE build.

I boot up the BartPE disc and browse to the OpenOffice exe files. But no matter which one I click on I get an error saying:

" 3.1 Fatal Error
The application cannot be started. An internal error occurred."

See for image

I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling the program on my hard drive and rebuilding the BartPE disc again and again. Nothing seems to work.

Can someone please help me get this program working from my BartPE environment?

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I'd say from that that doesn't run in a BartPE environment and so there's nothing we can do about it.

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