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Can not send mail after upgrading from TBP to TBP 3.0

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Can not send mail after upgrading from TBP to TBP 3.0

TBP fails to send mail, I can recive mail från others without any problem.
When I try to send mail the ususal password question and after a couple of seconds I got a sign with buttons 'Retry','New password' and 'Cancel'. Didn't matter if I set the correct password or not the same sign popped up.

I deleted and reconfigurated the SMTP and still the same. After that I reconfigured the whole account but no differens. Then I downgraded to TBP and it worked directly.

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Bug in TBP 3.0?

TBP 3.0 seems to lose the username & password in the SMTP settings.

In any case, when one clicks on Security and Authentication section of the Outgoing Server (SMTP), and ticks "Use Name and Password", the password is not requested, which makes me think that the password is sent as a blank to the SMTP server.

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