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Another instance of Firefox is already running... (FIX?)

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Another instance of Firefox is already running... (FIX?)

"Another instance of Firefox is already running. Please close other instances of Firefox before launching Portable Firefox."

The "FirefoxPortable.ini" file has an entry to allow both "regular" and "portable" FF to run simultaniously, by changing the "AllowMultipleInstances=" to TRUE. This TRUE flag will create this annoying error message in FFP, if I already have a FFP open and try to open a new instance via a windows shortcut. It will complain, that an other firefox is already running, and I should close it first.

If I leave this flag the default "false", then the error is gone in FFP, but suddenly you can not open the regular FF (if FFP is open), because the same error will appear.

Also, a strange thing, if I am running FFP with the "true" flag, and open FF via a windows shortcut, it looks like it takes the preferences, extensions that are installed for FFP. If I open FF first, it loads it's own settings, but now I can not open an FFP window due to the "another instance" error.

So, I don't really care for the regular FF, as long as FFP is ok. For me, THIS BUG IS FIXED Smile I'll just make multiple copies of the FFP install, and keep them synchronized when I have to.

By the way (since this is my first communication with all you MozillaGeeks), Thanks for the great software guys, all my IE$ icons are long GONE! Keep up the good work.


I tried the portables on several different USB cards and USB harddrives, and the speed is horrible on MOST cheap flash cards. The best is on my external 100GB USB drive, same as it would be installed locally, and the worst is on a KingMax 1GB USB stick ($24), where it takes 10 minutes to open FFP or 15 minutes for TBP. Other USB flash cards, built-in memory sticks and SD cards have better results, but most are still too SLOOOOW. I am on a Vaio TX651P and other notebooks.

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The way it works...

That's kinda the way it works. With AllowMultiple on, you can't launch a second copy of Firefox Portable at the moment, you just get that error. And the way Firefox itself is setup... unless you set an environment variable (which the launcher does when you set AllowMultiple), launching any firefox.exe, regardless of location, will just pass it off to the currently running firefox.exe if there is one running. You're not seeing your local copy using the portable settings. You're seeing your local copy start quickly, realize another is running, and just pass it off to the already running process.

This is all by design.

As for speed... lots drives kinda suck with portable apps. It's best to get a faster one. I've had good luck with my Lexar Jumpdrive Lightning (which is very fast).

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