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My current fox got borked by Flash. Despite serious repair efforts to correct the far no go, so I reverted to my last good Fox backup (maybe 2 months old).

However I'm having a difficult time bringing my current bookmarks to my 2 month old backup. Both versions have 'Bookmark Backup' extension installed if it will be of any help.

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Could you elaborate?

If the backup is a working copy, cant you just copy the bookmark file over? Or do an export/import via html.
(I dont know how the extension works)

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Copy places.sqlite to the

Copy places.sqlite to the backup.


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use FEBE to restore ?

To avoid this kind of problem I've use Chuck Bakers Firefox Environment Backup Extension (FEBE) for a while now
This addon restores bookmarks from json or html files & many other FF settings very easily - and I make a zip file of the files it creates which I backup on other flash drives/memory cards -- hasn't failed me yet
have never tried the bookmark backup extension you mention myself

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Cant erase or add to Bookmarks?

I have roughly around 200 bookmarks on Firefox however if I want to add another bookmark the browser will not allow this? In an attempt to correct this fault I have copied all my existing bookmarks and saved them to my desktop. I have now tried to delete all my bookmarks in Firefox but even though I click on the delete button nothing happens. I need to be able to use the bookmark facility so what I the best way to get it working again?
Many thanks.

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