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Suggestion : enable drive name instead of drive letter

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Suggestion : enable drive name instead of drive letter

Dear Toucan author, thank you first of all for the services which Toucan offers. I have a suggestion, because i want to do a certain backup job on a given USB drive, and depending on other peripherics which i may or may not have connected to the computer, the USB drive may be assigned the F, G or H letter. I have named my USB drive ("STICK32GB"), would it be possible in a future version of Toucan to be able to define a backup job destined to a file system specified by its name ?
Thank you

Steve Lamerton
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already can, sort of using the volume name for the drive! When you go into Explorer and right click on your drive you can see its volume name, simply by wrapping this in @ signs like any other variable you can always refer to it!

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