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Running a self contained website with FFP from USB

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Running a self contained website with FFP from USB

Some help and advice please !

I am trying to run a mini website direct from USB stick - BUT I want it to open with FFP [installed on the stick] no matter which PC I plug into.

It is basically an educational tool which will be used by 'non-techies' - and relies on various plugins which all need to be installed on the stick too - so it 'just works'

Any ideas please?



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How about these?

Use TiddlyWiki, it's a single, self-contained HTML file that should have all the basic functionality of a website. The only difference being that you don't need to install a webserver, just a JavaScript enabled browser (which you'll have already it seems). Alternatively, if you don't like the behavior of Tiddly, then you could try Wiki on a Stick. The beauty of using these is that they require no additional software or any kind of expert knowledge. Probably the simplest solution and most desirable depending on your requirements.

If you really really must run a webserver then Abyss Webserver X1 is a free download that runs portably. You just need to change paths in the abyss.conf file to be relative rather than absolute. As a plus, it's also one of the smallest complete webservers I've come across, being only a few megabytes when "installed" (on your flash drive).

EDIT: I just checked and Abyss WSX1 takes about up 2MB of space on my flash drive. Nice. Smile I can't say that I run it all that often but it's handy every great once in a while.

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is there no way some relative

path input could be made for such website? I mean just place it somewhere near the FF and be able to start it from there even if the drive letter changes?
This would be then simple and no portable server would be needed.

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Thank you so much for

Thank you so much for suggesting this system, it's really useful.

Do deedy do...what?

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eXpresso or Portable File Associator

These apps both do the same thing, basically.
They associate file types with apps, like Windows does, but portably.
So, you could associate .html and .htm files with FFP, and then any web page will open with it.

If you use the PortableApps menu, you can do a couple of things to make it easier on your audience.
1. Set your file association app (whichever one you choose) to Start Automatically.
2. Add a link to the web page in the menu - check this post. It works as well for any file as for bat files.
3. Hide any apps you don't need them to use.

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