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Manual search for apps?

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Manual search for apps?

I recently bought a 16GB flash drive and it takes 2+ minutes to search for apps each time.

I find this very frustrating and would like to see an option so that I can turn off the automatic search.

Thanks in advance.

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Chris Morgan
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How many applications have you got installed? I've never seen it take anything like two minutes. Are you trying to launch several applications at the same time? Or possibly the disk is just very slow? (Not uncommon with cheap drives.) There is also the possibility of a slight hardware malfunction causing a very slow response time (I've seen it happen with a hard disk drive, similar issues could happen to USB drives).

Also, what would it do without automatic searching for the applications? It would show nothing in the menu which wouldn't be very useful.

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Last seen: 14 years 4 months ago
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I have about forty apps installed. It's slow when it first opens, not when I'm running an app. The disk is not slow.

Without automatic search, there could be an ini file that stores the list and attributes of each item from the last refresh. When PA opens, then it would just use the file unless refreshed. I add and remove apps, but not so often that it should refresh each time.

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yup. John's argued that it

yup. John's argued that it doesn't speed it up that much. My suggestion is to put the apps you use rarely in a separate folder. The search times have gotten ALOT faster, but still.

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Thanks for the info. If it can't be helped, then that's that.
I'll try out your suggestion.

John T. Haller
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Apps in Format are actually straight INI reads and then a load of the icon from the AppInfo folder, the EXE isn't touched in their case. For other apps, caching of the icon is coming as soon as I sort the alpha vs no alpha issue (otherwise they wind up looking horrid).

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