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changing the source code for PA program

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changing the source code for PA program

I haven't seen this posted anywhere, but I would like to know how to change the code for the portalapps program itself. I want to move some folders but since they are in the portableapps program, I would have to change the link between the side icon and the folder itself. Unfortunately, I am not a programmer and I would like to have some help with this. I use this on a 1TB external HD so I would like to be able to lay it out a specific way..All help is much appreciated.

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It's pretty difficult to do what you're trying to do, primarily because of the development environment.
The Platform is made using a commercial version of Delphi; I believe John said it won't work with any freeware version of Delphi, so you'd need to shell out around $600 IIRC.
Once you have the development environment, you should be able to just change the folder path and recompile; I'm not a Delphi programmer, so I don't know for sure.

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It's actually around $300

It's actually around $300 dollars, and I'm definitely sure that the version John uses to compile is has 2003 in it Blum

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