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Error message when using firefox 2.0 RC1 LIVE

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Error message when using firefox 2.0 RC1 LIVE

When using Firefox 2.0 RC1 as a Live - Firefox (I used a write protected usb-stick) an error-message "Drive is not writeable" occoured.

I used the procedure as describe on (I used the firefoxportable.ini - file).

After quitting the error-message, the Firefox really worked "live".

But, is that error-message ok ? Or did I something wrong when I have created my "Firefox Live" ?

John T. Haller
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Ignore it

A USB stick in write-protected mode is not the same as a CD. When run from a CD, you won't see any messages like this. (and that's what FFP Live is really for) The message you see is generated by Windows.

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