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Commercial usage of PA

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Commercial usage of PA


There is no mention about the usage of the PA to bundle commercial application. Can anyone help me on this. I have a JAVA based software which I need to bundle with other applications in PA and sell. Is this permitted. If no what needs to be done.


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I'm afraid there is no simple answer

since the licensing terms vary from app to app.

However, there are some things that you may well have a problem with doing. I believe that Java is one of the applications that have distribution restrictions, which is why the installer here is a live-installer which downloads the unmodified Sun distribution and extracts the files from it, rather than having them all bundled. In that case, you may not be legally able to preinstall Portable Java on your systems.

There are similar issues with a number of the other apps, but exactly what you can or cannot do would depend on the exact apps that you wanted to bundle.

There is a specific contact address for use for exactly such questions as this, which you can find from the contact link at the top of every page here (go to for details). I would suggest that you contact John T. Haller on that address, explaining what it is that you want to do, and see how that goes.

Copyright and licensing law is an extremely complex issue, especially once you start crossing international boundaries. There is no substitute for investing some money in professional legal advice.

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