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Portable FireFox 1.5 - Many pauses

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Portable FireFox 1.5 - Many pauses

I had used a previous version of Portable FireFox and it worked great. For some reason, this version (1.5) continues to take many pauses, I see that it is interragating the USB drive. I have NO extensions, just the original portable version.

Any suggestions?

None of my other portable apps seem to go back an interrogate the USB drive every few seconds.

Thank you,

John T. Haller
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PFF uses the drive a lot

So, if you have a slower drive, you will notice this. Note that many USB 2.0 drives are actually quite slow. What matters is how fast slow writes are handled in the case of cookies (which are ON in Portable Firefox 1.5 now). You can turn them off and it will probably be faster.

There is a 100x speed difference between a good USB thumbdrive and a bad one. Both are labeled as USB 2.0 High Speed drives and marketed right next to each other in the store, though.

See these graphs for a visual:

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Thank you for the explanantion

Thank you for the quick response. After viewing the article, I see what you mean. I have basically turned off cookies and this seems to improve the performance.

I know my USB 2.0 device is slow as is is actually a microdrive and not a flash device.

I want to thank you for your efforts and fine results with the portable applications. I like the new site.

The portable office also works great.

I have used two password generators/database programs as portable apps. KeePass Password Safe and Gregory Braun's Password Keeper. I have used Password Keeper for many years on my desktop and laptops. My personal preference is KeePass.

I am using a commercial PIM, Essential PIM Pro as a portable app. I have located a couple of freeware games, CLassic Arcade Version 2.x; the most current version 4.0 has problems with 2 games, Asteriods and Pong. This includes Asteriods, Pong, Pac Man, Snake, Space Invaders and Tetris. I am beginning to experiment with the MAME game emulators and ROMS.


Ryan McCue
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If your'e...

worried about the number of reads/writes get Pff live from John's website.
It copys the files to the local drive
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