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Win7 Pinned PAP does not stay in place

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Win7 Pinned PAP does not stay in place

When pinning apps in Win7, you have the ability to arrange the pinned apps in the task bar in the order you want. I like to have the PAP Menu to the far left of the task bar so it is close to the Win7 start orb. Unfortunately the location is not "memorized" properly. If the menu is not running, the pinned PAP Menu always moves to the far right of the currently pinned apps on a reboot/login. Even if I try to move it back to the left, it just jumps back to the far right. If however I launch the platform, then I am able to move the pinned PAP Menu anywhere I want and it will stay. That is until I shut down the menu and try to move the location of the pinned PAP menu or just simply logoff/logon.

Is this something that can be fixed or is it a Win7 issue?

John T. Haller
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Removable Drives

Anything running from a removable drive can't be properly pinned or moved to a specific position that Win7 will remember. This appears to be by design.

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