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Transfer Firefox Bookmarks from my home computer to my FirefoxPortable laptop

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Transfer Firefox Bookmarks from my home computer to my FirefoxPortable laptop

I read the instructions to copy from C:\documents and settings\[user]\application data\mozilla\firefox\profiles\default.???

Once I get to [user], I am unable fo find the next step = application data under any of the users (home computer) administrator, everyone, and owner.

I know from experience that the bookmarks are contained in a folder called "Favorites". I can copy the favorites folder to my thumb drive folder F:\FirefoxPortable\data\profile but it still soes not show up in the Bookmark.

I am running Windows XP. How can I get the bookmarks to show up in FirefoxPortable?

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Everything within Application Data is a hidden file. It shouldn't be accessed unless you know what you're doing. You need to configure Explorer to show hidden and system files (not something to be taken lightly if you're a non-techie). And your Favorites folder is for IE, not Firefox. Your Firefox bookmarks are in your profile within AppData.

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Try Foxmarks.

An online bookmark synchronizer will serve you better in the long run anyway.

Or, if you're using FFP from a hard disk instead of a flash drive, you can try google browser sync. It will handle all your settings, not just the bookmarks. Careful though, it doesn't play nice with flash drives.

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