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sort the apps

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sort the apps


A few Days ago I installed the newest platform ob P-apps. One of the nice new-features are, the Mozilla Firefox and Mozilla Thunderbird are on the tops. Than there is an horizontal bar, and the other programs are based on the alphabet are running.

Can I sort the programs on my own? Fore example the office on top, and the games on the bottom?

John T. Haller
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Yes and No

It's called Favorites, akin to 'pinning' an app to the Windows start menu. Anything you pin shows up first above the line. Anything not pinned is below the line. Each section is in alphabetical order.

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I'm a bit curious, what

I'm a bit curious, what happened to the pinning at the bottom of the menu in the original betas?

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You can set favorites

It sounds like you have those two apps already marked as favorites. Anything that you flag as favorite will appear above the horizontal line in alphabetical order.
All the other apps will appear below in alphabetical order.
You can rename apps, which can be used to sort them. By using numbers, you can order them however you like.
For instance, you could rename "Task Coach Portable" to "1.Task Coach Portable" and it will be on top.

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