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Install and Run Endnote for OpenOffice (Writer) on USB Drive

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Install and Run Endnote for OpenOffice (Writer) on USB Drive


I have OpenOffice (Writer) on a USB drive. I also have a copy of Endnote and would like to install it to use with OpenOffice (Writer) onthe USB drive. So, I can writer my paper with Writer and insert citations from Endnote within the USB drive. Would it be possible? My university does not allow students to install anything on PCs on campus. I have tried to install Endnote on the USB drive but the installation doesn't allow me to choose where to install and so cannot choose the USB drive.

Please help. Thanks!


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I don't have a need/use for Endnote, but maybe look at Zotero -- it is free and has (some? much?) compatibility with Endnote.

Version 2.0 is current. There's no "installed application" as such. I think you put one extension into portable firefox for gleaning your websites of interest (zotero creates a database in your browser profile or at a location of your choice), and another extension again into portable firefox to move your citations into Writer. (version one had a openoffice extension in writer itself, but I think Zotero version 2 does not need it?). There is also an extension for MS Word users.


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Zotero is a great option but ...

Zotero is a terrific piece of programming and I find it faster, easier, and more user friendly than Endnote. Sad to say, Zotero plugin for Firefox will not work properly in the portable version of OpenOffice Writer. You can use Zotero to store all your citation libraries, and you can copy a particular list of references into the clipboard and paste into your Writer document, but you can't use all the Zotero features like insert an in-text citation or directly insert the bibliography because zotero is not able to communicate with OpenOffice portable. Apparently it's something to do with the Java components in OpenOffice; I followed a few threads in the forums but nothing seems to rectify the problem. The designers seems not interested in the fact that the portable version of OpenOffice does not function as effectively as the full version and is way less useful for some people as it can't handle plugins properly. For the meantime, I have given up on OpenOffice Portable and just use the regular version which works fine with Zotero.


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Reference manager Citavi (English version)

The Swiss reference manager and knowledge organizer Citavi 3.0.3 works with both OpenOfficeWriter and LibreOfficeWriter and you can install it portable on a stick (uses .NET and is not .paf). Option for English or German language.

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What about JabRef?

I did a little bit of searching for you, and came across JabRef. It has loose comatibility with OpenOffice/LibreOffice, and by the sounds of the directions, it should work with any portable version you can find here. It might be what you're looking for.

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I'd rather advice to use Zotero than Jabref. I've already tried Jabref long time ago, and I remembered using excel to manage data references with Jabref and I found it was complicated. Zotero, despite admin authorization required, you can install it. It works with word, open office. And you can use it from any computer at work or at your place.

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