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crashing problems with pidgin 2.7.0 and 2.7.1

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crashing problems with pidgin 2.7.0 and 2.7.1

has anyone else had any sort of weird crashing problems with pidgin i'd installed 2.7.0 a few weeks back and for some reason you couln't uninstall the spellcheck and when i booted it up the spellcheck would cause it to crash so i rolled it back to the version i'm curently using

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Not good so far

You say you installed it weeks back so did you download a zip version and extract files to your portable version? Maybe that messed with something. What version of Windows are you using? (XP Pro SP3 here)

I Just downloaded the latest portable version 2.7.1, and so far so bad, the pidgin-portable.exe and pidginportable.exe processes seem to have hung. Sad

I assume for spellcheck you're using Aspell? I'm using that too, so we'll see what happens.

UPDATE: Well, so far this is a disaster, having installed over 2.6.6 portable version, 2.7.1 refuses to run, the processes just hang. Even a reboot of the computer does not fix the issue. Guess it's back to 2.6.6 I go. I'm almost afraid to try a clean install of 2.7.1, my computer just locked up and I couldn't access the Internet at all.

UPDATE 2: Tried a clean install and it does the same thing. The processes just hang, no Pidgin window, nothing! The pidgin processes just sit there and I can't kill pidgin-portable.exe. I verified the MD5 Hash of the installer and it matches. I also checked F-Secure and it says it's not blocking the program. Very odd.

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Lock Up

If your computer is locking up as a result or your internet dying, then something else is going on on your PC.

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F-Secure: GUILTY!

It seems like the problem in my case is F-Secure. If I disabled F-Secure then Pidgin 2.7.1 is able to start correctly. As soon as I enabled it, Pidgin fails to start.

Gosh darnit I hate F-Secure, this isn't the first time it's caused me problems. Right up (down) there with McAfee in my book. :|

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F-Secure doesn't like the new installer, I reported it earlier. To be honest this is the first trouble I have ever had with it!

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updated from 2.66 here too..

updated from 2.66 here too.. and some strange crashes occurred too... i'm thinking falling back to 2.66.. but.. do anyone know if i'll loose log chat? or HOW can I port my pchatlogs into a different install? (i.e i've pidgin even on my Home PC, and that's runs fine but it's not the Portable one... i may save my logs there...)

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works here. I installed it right over the old one and everything works. Everything being IRC and ICQ. The start took a while but now everything it up and running.
I have XPSP2 on a limited account.

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