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Bug that loses Bookmarks

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Bug that loses Bookmarks

I've FireFox set up as my default web browser. When I get an email with a hyperlink, and click that link to open FireFox, when it opens up, I don't see my bookmarks and it doesn't fill in any passwords for me. I have to close and re-open FireFox the normal way to get these.



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by design

I suppose you mean Firefox Portable, right?
Portable Apps aren't supposed to be made the default. So when you do, you make firefox.exe your default and not the Launcher called FirefoxPortable.exe who takes care of the portabalisation. So when you click on a link, it opens as a normal copy with its settings on you PC and not on your Stick. Thats why your passwords aren there any more.
There are some methods for making it default here in the forums I think, but I have never tried any of them.

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I giuess this post was a duplicate of the other you posted...stupid me I just answered the other post

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