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Profile not seen

Installed FFP onto SanDisk flash drive with U3 directly onto the drive, not under the folder apps. Then copied the FF profile from the computer's hard drive starting with xxxx.default and dropped it into "profile" on the flash drive.

Settings, bookmarks, etc., are not seen -- just the basic program. Also could not shut down the thumb drive as the program was running, so deleted FF, and then it shut down.

Could this be due to:

1) The profile used is on D:\, not C:\docs&settings\etc\Mozilla where the registry.dat, pluginreg.dat, and profiles.ini are located.

2) The entire folder xxxxx.default was dropped into the profile folder, then the cache directory was deleted, then FF started & other instructions carried out as set forth on the website. Could it relate to the xxxx.default being there as opposed to simply the files and folders below it?

3) U3's website has FF for U3 which is 6,630kb as opposed to the one on PortableApps site which is 4,980. And if U3's is installed it auto goes into apps and is assigned an app folder -- and then is listed on the icon launch pad. (Perhaps the same would occur had I dropped the portableapps file into the apps folder on the drive -- or is that the cause for the file to be so much larger?

4) Note that for Thunderbird the file discrepancy size is the same, 6,091kb vs 8,452kb, and the version is 1.5.042 as opposed to

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Few Things

First off, you're talking Firefox for U3 which is a *DIFFERENT* program than Firefox Portable which runs on any drive from anywhere you want (USB flash, iPod, hard drive, CD, etc). FF for U3 is based of FFP but, like other U3 apps, only works on U3 drives. The applications listed in the Applications section of this site are portable apps, not U3 apps.

Second, the U3 version is bigger both in download size and in installed size. Download-wise, U3Ps are actually just ZIP files renamed, which isn't the most efficient format. The portable apps here are compressed with a more efficient compressor, 7-Zip, as a self-installer. So, you have a 4.9MB download rather than a 6.5MB download. And, when a U3 app is installed, the U3P stays on your U3 drive, so the installed size is larger: 26.5MB for FF for U3 version, 16.3MB for the FFP.

Third, for copying a profile in, you need to copy the *contents* of your profile... not the whole folder. Details are here:

That all make sense?

(Side note: Moved this from Firefox Portable to the U3 Apps forum where all U3 support is given.)

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Thank you -- didn't realize

Thank you -- didn't realize there was a U3 apps forum so I'll look there in the future. And your explanation certainly explains the file size difference. The only advantage I have found to using U3 is that FF opens from the taskbar icon (similar to the start menu) as opposed to using WinExpl. Perhaps other benefits I haven't yet investigated such as auto start when the thumb drive is plugged in.

FYI, a workaround to your method of profile installation, which worked for both myself and Lee Jones is to copy the entire profile (xxxx.default) to the flash drive placing it alongside the Profile directory in FF. Then change the name of the Profile directly to NewProfile. Then change the name of xxxx.default to profile. Then delete the cache folder prior to starting FF. Then of course, follow your remaining instructions -- except on the U3, we don't have the .ini to delete. Also I question turning off the password function as that is quite valuable when travelling abroad -- I find sites that require a new PW and are bookmarked. Therefore, I believe that "bit of wear" on the flash is worth it.

Again thanks for the info defining the difference between U3 and PortableApps.

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there is a U3 shortcut creator floating around here, if that will convince you to change Smile
Also, with the profile, try PUSS which Syncs your profiles.
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