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What does the menu do, other than the obvious ?

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What does the menu do, other than the obvious ?

Actually, that's a pretty dumb title ...

What I mean is that I mostly work in a very document-oriented way, and I rarely launch apps directly. Hence, I am usually using a file manager as my interface, and almost never an app menu.

So, does the PortableApps menu do anything other than launching the relevant apps, like adjusting paths or environment variables, or cleaning up the registry, or something ?
If I don't use the PortableApps menu at all, do I lose anything in terms of portability ?

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Currently, not much

At the moment, there is a wallpaper switcher in there, but not much else

But in future versions, it will be handling things like portable fonts, environment vars, file associations, url handlers, and more.

If you are launching docs from explorer, make very sure that you are associating the files with the launcher, not with the base app, as the launcher is the part that does the magic that makes the app portable.

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One small addition to Jimbo's comment is that the menu will also offer Help for the some of the apps such as Toucan. Advocate

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Lang switching

Right now the menu offers automatic language switching for the Apps who support that. As english isn't my native tongue, I like that because I dont have to set the languages of all the programms manually.
But I know this probably isn't such a big thing for english-speaking users.

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PortableApps themselves are designed to be self-contained

So, changing drive letters to accommodate the letter of your USB drive, and cleaning the registry and temp files, are all done by the individual app's launchers.

Portable Fonts, File Association, PortableApps Updater and other planned enhancements for the menu were started as separate apps.
I think the Fonts app is dead, but there are two File Association apps - eXpresso and PortableFileAssociator.

For at least two apps, you can add fonts directly into special folders to take your special fonts with you (OpenOffice and GIMP).

For me, I like the ability of the menu to auto-start apps when the menu starts.

P.S. I'd love to see Portable Fonts and these other apps developed and continued as independent from the menu. It would offer these functions to non-menu users, and we'd likely see them sooner.

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you can also use the menu to auto start programs so they launch when the menu first does

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Right - think I should be OK

Right - think I should be OK then.

Many thanks to you all.

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