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TB3 from TB2

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TB3 from TB2

Update to version 3
I use the portable thunderbird version 2
I had many problems updating to version 3
I'm still in version 2 with minor problems.
How can I update to version 3 without problems ?


1) Install portable version 3 in parallel.

Is possible to move or export the actual profile to the new version ?
Is possible to move by parts ?
How can I copy the accounts or any other details ?

What are the files I have to look for ?

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May be I can export or copy fragments of the old profile to test and reconstruct it.

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Nobody knows ? Please try

Nobody knows ?
Please try help me.

Best Regards

Windows xp pro sp3
Last version Thunderbird portable

John T. Haller
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In-Place Upgrade

You install TBP3 right over TBP2 and it'll upgrade it. You should backup the whole thing first if you are worried about it.

All your extensions that are incompatible will be disabled. You shouldn't try to prevent that.

Lightning will be disabled when you upgrade to TB3. Then when you check for new extensions after upgrading, a Lightning update will be made available. After updating and restarting, Lighting will again be available.

Mine upgrade from TB2 to TB3 fine (apart from the Lightning issue, which was fine after an update/restart) with 1.5GB of mail and 7 extensions.

Hopefully you haven't moved anything manually around (mail stores or anything like that) as that can interfere with it.

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if you need both

there is still way. I also use both versions, for number of reasons I use the 2 as my standard one.

First time I updated, I did all this way:

produced new folder PortableApps\ThundrbirdPortable3

coiped the content of the original ThunderbirdPortable folder, complete, all files including all mails etc

run install update Thunderbird Portable 3.x taking care the folder it goes to is the one with 3 at the end.

Now I had two TB with identical content.


But you can also try to use software called Mozbackup, this stores the profile and can restore it again.

Otto Sykora
Basel, Switzerland

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