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Can you put this on PortableApps website? CFserverUSB Portable

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Can you put this on PortableApps website? CFserverUSB Portable

I was wondering if you could put a link on the page below "Server".
It's a Railo 3.1 Portable Coldfusion Webserver including MySQL 5
database, already running.
Maybe you can put you PortableApps logo at statup too, and I can put
your logo and website link on my site.

The link will be:
CFserverUSB - Portable Railo 3.1 Coldfusion webserver including MySQL
and MySQL Manager.

URL Link:

Hope to hear from you soon.


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You'll have to excuse my ignorance but is Jetty an open source implementation of ColdFusion? I'm only guessing here but there could be some licensing issues, since AFAIK ColdFusion is a commercial product so unless you've got permission to use the name, and/or have some kind of stand-alone CF implementation then this is unlikely to be listed here on PortableApps simply because of the legal implications.

I'm not really knowledgeable enough about this particular group of applications to comment with any great authority but I thought it might be worth mentioning as an important consideration.

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