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Thunderbird 3 USB Hard Drive Connection Issue

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Thunderbird 3 USB Hard Drive Connection Issue


I've been using portable Thunderbird on an external hard drive for years now and about 2 weeks ago upgraded to version 3. Since doing that I encountered an issue with my portable hard drive (Freecom) that manifested itself as Windows disconnecting and reconnecting the hard drive (although not always reconnecting unless I did it manually). The tell-tale windows USB connect/disconnect sounds play when this happens.

This would happen many times a day, crashing Thunderbird and other portable apps I had open (Firefox, Filezilla etc.) It became such a problem that I came to the conclusion that the hard drive was on its way out, so I purchased a new one (Toshiba) and transferred everything to that a couple of days ago. Unfortunately the problem did not go away so yesterday I reverted back to using Thunderbird 2 and haven't encountered a problem since. The big problem is that this random disconnect/reconnect has caused data loss (although as I have backups that isn't so much of an issue).

I can only come to the conclusion from this that there is something wrong with Thunderbird 3 when run portably. Has anybody else experienced issues with Thunderbird 3 and portable drives? The version I currently have installed is 3.1.4 but, as I say, I've done back to using version 2 for now. I'm running Windows Vista Ultimate.


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Hardware Issue

Software running from a drive can't cause a disconnect unintentionally (logically and code-wise, it simply isn't possible). More likely, it's because TB3 is much more active than TB2 (LOTS more reading and writing). More than likely, you've got some bad USB ports on the PC itself.

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