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save settings in Teamviewer portable?

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save settings in Teamviewer portable?


I have the problem with Teamviewer portable that it doesnt save my settings,
everytime I start teamviewer new, I have to redo the password, proxy and all things again ...

is it any possible or can u program something that saves the settings?

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Try this

Hi, Fred12!

I'm new here, but I think I can help you.

To make settings permanent in TeamViewer, first you must enable it by changeing one line of the TeamViewer.ini file at PortableApps\TeamViewerPortable\App\teamviewer.

Just change the line

I don`t know why the default is set to "not save" (too much for my knowledge level).

Hope it solves your problem.

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There is a very simple reason

There is a very simple reason why it doesn't save your settings by default: the program writes them to registry and as such is not truly portable. After modifying nosave=1 to nosave=0 I've tried finding the settings inside TeamViewer folder, but no luck. Still the settings were loading properly. A quick RegEdit check showed that settings are saved in HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\TeamViewer\Version5.1 under Windows XP SP3.

Long story short: if you want the app to be portable and save your settings, you have to have access to registry on a PC that you're running this piece of software on. Just make a batch file that will modify registry on start and remove the keys after you're finished.

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This is actually true and the

This is actually true and the reason for my suggestions for the new TeamViewer. You might want to support my view in that thread … Wink

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Export settings for TeamViewer Portable

Work with TeamViewer.ini situated in \TeamViewerPortable\App\teamviewer folder.
Setting nosave=0 will save your settings, but in the registry, and that doesn`t make it portable.

The thing to do is importsettings=1 wich activate the automatic settings import. TeamViewer Portable will import the settings from a file called tv.ini which has to be situated in the same directory as your TeamViewer.exe. You can create the tv.ini by exporting your settings in the advanced options of the full TeamViewer version (Extras > Options > Advanced > Show advanced options > Export settings for TeamViewer Portable). This works in the oficial portable release from In the release, tv.ini must be situated in \TeamViewerPortable\App\teamviewer folder.

Also, by setting LogOutgoingConnections=1 in the TeamViewer.ini file you can force TeamViewer to write a log file with detailed information about your connections. This log file is used by the TV Manager.

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Hi! So I'm pretty late to the

Hi! So I'm pretty late to the party but recently started using teamviewer and as a fan of portable apps finding this here on was welcome. But I can't configure the portable settings correctly. I have exported settings to tv.ini, put it in \TeamViewerPortable\App\teamviewer and modified the teamviewer.ini and put it in \TeamViewerPortable\App\teamviewer as well and also removed the teamviewer.ini in the \TeamViewerPortable\Data\settings folder. My e-mail adress is remembered, but the password is not correct. Maybe this isn't supposed to work? I use a randomized password from KeePass so it's not very convenient to have to start KeePass every time I use TeamViewer. A registry entry is not a big deal but it does remove the portability.

Wm ...
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try other apps support

I think you're more likely to get help there if i haven't answered as this isn't a dev issue

anyway ... I don't use TeamViewer often but do notice that the portable version is limited (not something to complain about as such because it is definitely useful).


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This worked for me

Hello all,

I was having the same problem that the first post is/was having. And this worked for me.

So if anyone has this problem, I would absolutely recommend this solution.

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