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difficulty closing

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difficulty closing

Using thumb drive SunDisk U3 2gb with FFP & TBP installed, not U3 apps.

Attempt to close the drive by first closing U3 icon. But when click on Safely Remove Hardware icon, it complains "the device 'generic volume' cannot be stopped right now. Try later." Programs on the thumb have been closed.

Discovered that if I right click on U3 icon, can select "safely eject U3 smart drive" and it closes the drive and both icons. This renders the windows shut down icon useless and causes dependency on the U3 program -- (Originally I thought about deleting it to save a few mb's, but guess not!)

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Windows Explorer holding on to the files.
After you have tried to eject about 4 times, it's safe to pull.
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I tried the "Safely eject U3

I tried the "Safely eject U3 smart drive" by right clicking on the U3 icon. It closed the U3 Program and exited both drives. The Windows "Safley Remove Hardware" disappeared as well. I don't see the problem here. By saying "This renders the windows shut down icon useless and causes dependency on the U3 program" do you mean that the "Safley Remove Hardware" does not disappear?

Mind you I tried this from a "clean" Launch and close of the Launchpad. No programs were started and closed

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John T. Haller
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If you're not using U3 apps...

... it's better to start without the U3 Launchpad. Hold down Shift when you plug the drive in (universal auto-run disable in Windows) if you don't have it disabled already (which you should consider on your own PC for security reasons... remember when Sony put spyware on audio CDs?).

The newer U3 Launchpad for Sandisk apparently *finally* lets you chose not to have U3 autorun (way overdue). Or, if you want to stick to the portable apps side, you can also uninstall U3.

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Thanks, John, and I'll

Thanks, John, and I'll certainly try shift/plugin -- but perhaps one problem with that is that I've discovered AvastU3 AV needs to run -- plugged the thumb drive into 3 computers in one computer store and all had trojans.

For some strange reason, had to rename a TB folder after the AV found the bug suposedly in the host computer even though I hadn't opened TB -- consequently couldn't open the saved mail folder, so changed the name back and haven't experienced any additional complaints. Do you have any thoughts or suggestions here to be used with the next experience?

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